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When think of women we admire and look up to in the jewellery trade - it has to be those women who boldly express themselves with accessories. 

Anyone can buy a beautiful dress, but accessories are what makes it an outfit. Creates that personal touch and adds that unique flair that makes you, you.

Jewellery doesn’t have to be diamonds, gemstones and gold to create a statement. Take the recently passed Iris Apfel, who became famous for her bold layering of fabric, textures, detailing and accessories.

"For me, jewellery is the most transformative part of a woman’s wardrobe – it can change the look of a whole outfit. You can take the same outfit right through from morning to cocktails simply by re-accessorising"

Iris Apfel told Harpers Bazaar in an interview

Image of Iris Apfel from Tatler Magazine

Image of Iris Apfel from Tatler Magazine

Vanity Fair called a Apfel an "Nonagenarian" - stylish to the very end. 

Apfel, born in 1921, was a stylish woman in a stylish industry, from a stylish mother who owned a fashion boutique in New York city. During her life mostly in New York city, Apfel worked across fashion, publishing, interior design and photography alongside her husband in their textile design and manufacturing business called Old World Weavers.  Her taste and style was inspired by thrift stores and antiques, that unique collection of goods collected by travelling colonials and adventurers, blending animal prints, persian carpets and bold beads and adornments. 

Iris Apfel at Old World Weavers

With antiques, vintage and thrift shopping a major trend, you might find a few interesting pieces in your mums or granny’s drawers that you could reinvent, or even get it remodelled.  John Franich would be happy to discuss some ideas with you.

Here are some pieces from John Franich Jewellers currently in-store that we think Iris would have loved!


These pieces have such a gorgeous vintage feel to them, using 18k gold and milky Aquamarine stones to add this beautiful shade of dusky blue to your outfit.


 milky aquamarine earrings in 18k gold

18k gold and aquamarine necklace 

Aquamarine & Topaz Rings

Topaz rings


topaz and enamel and gold ring


aquamarine tanzanite and diamond ring


Somehow of all jewellery pendants attract the most attention. Front and centre, they make an unexpected statement on your outfit and present something to be admired. So it’s only right that they should be bold, colourful and very interesting. This Apfel inspired selection does all this and more.

gold and gemstone pendant
topaz and gold and enamel pendant - John Franich
topaz gold and diamond pendant - John Franich


pearl gold and emerald pendant

For more Iris Inspiration, check out her Instagram feed.

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