JFJ - Vision, Mission & Values

Vision– the contribution and centric purpose our business has for existing. The difference our company can make to the world.

Make Life Brilliant

 Mission – What our team does and fights for every day to achieve the Vision

A Personalised Jewellery Experience and Solutions to help our Customers Feel Amazing.

Values – principles that govern and guide who we are and who we must be.


  • Exceed expectations in everything we do.
  • Under promise and over deliver.

Find Solutions

  • Use the known traditional values of heritage, trust, truth, courtesy, aesthetics, quality and workmanship and attention to detail to develop innovative solutions.

Show we Care (Come from the Heart)

  • Be passionate, determined, respectful and humble.
  • Share emotion.
  • Serve and uplift others.

Team (Education Matters)

  • Use personal growth to help develop others.
  • Bring your Best.
  • Pull together to improve knowledge, individual productivity, consistency, continuous improvement.
  • Achieve the impossible.

Make it Happen.

  • Take the responsibility to be outcome oriented and accountable.
  • Work with our customers.

Industry Best Practice (what we are planning to do, and the best way of getting there)

  • Desired outcome can be achieved without problems or unforeseen events.
  • Meet and exceed global standards.

Happiness Experience

  • Be Happy
  • Share happiness in each interaction with openness and positivity.
  • Be a little weird.

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