Men Can Wear Pearls

Men Can Wear Pearls

 But it's interesting to note that men have been wearing pearls since ancient times. Today, with an increasing number of fashion-forward celebrities looking for new ways to express themselves and jewellery designers incorporating pearls into more masculine designs, pearl jewellery for men is becoming an in thing.

 The gemstone has remained ubiquitous in women's jewellery for decades now — everyone from that fashion week influencer you follow to your mother likely has a strand of pearls in the drawer.  Pearls are such a classic piece that they've transcended age, style, and now gender.

 Men wearing pearls isn't a fad, it's an example of how the jewellery world is opening up to genderless style. 

 While pearls are currently reserved for the most fashion-forward among us, in a few years, pearl necklaces are about to be as commonplace as chains are for men. Watch this space.


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