Pearls on the Gift List? A Guide To Choosing Pearl Jewellery.

pearls for Christmas Gifts


Timeless and always elegant, pearls will never go out of fashion. Although trends come and go, there has been a recent resurgence in pearls with the TikTok hashtag ‘PearlJewelry’ recently garnering 373 million views! WOMAN is delighted to see pearls making a triumphant return to the forefront of style. While we remember them best from the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, and Jackie Kennedy, pearls are not just the domain of female icons, with Harry Styles, Pharrel Williams, Elton John, and Marc Jacobs also indulging in pearl jewellery. 

Jenni Franich from John Franich Jewellers in the Northwest Mall in West Auckland has seen a notable uptake in pearls selling over the past few months and she predicts pearls to be one of her bigger categories selling for Christmas this year. 

Jenni Franich's Top Pearl Gifts for 2023

Here are some of Jenni Franich’s top picks for a Christmas gift list from the store:

Autore 9-11mm White Oval South Seas Pearls Necklace

Woman in the sea with a pearl necklace | Angelina Jolie lookalike

This feminine masterpiece is the Queen of Pearls. Nurtured in the warm tropical lagoons and ocean waters of Australia, these naturally coloured white pearls have a shimmering iridescence. This necklace would look incredible against a summery gown for an evening dinner date – put it on your Christmas wishlist now! 

Autore 18k White Gold South Sea Pearl & Diamonds Ring
south sea auto pearl ring

The Autore Pearl Ring is an elegant twist on the typical diamond traditional engagement ring and it reminds us of Ariana Grande’s beautiful ring from Dalton Gomez. The delicate diamonds along the band give it that bridal glow, but the large South Sea pearl is the true star of the show. Often called the Queen of Pearls, white South Sea pearls are the most valuable pearls produced today. John Franich Jewellers’ South Sea pearls are grown in the Autore Pearl farms off the coasts of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. South Sea pearls are one of the most valuable pearls on the market, and are highly sought after for their lustre and large size. 

Autore 18k White Gold 11mm South Seas Pearl & Diamond Stud Earrings

Sharing the same name as the Swiss luxury alpine resort town, these St Moritz 18kt white gold earrings conjure up glitzy images with their shimmering pave diamond and lustrous South Sea pearl drop.

Autore 18k White Gold South Seas Pearl & Diamonds Pendant


woman wearing auto south seas pearl pendant

This versatile charm would look adorable on a necklace or a bracelet, and would add a delicate touch to any statement piece. The 18k white gold Autore South Sea Pearl pendant has 18 small round brilliant cut diamonds set in the bail, with a 12mm Autore South Sea pearl. Simply classic, and delightful to wear.

What about determining the quality of the Pearls?

John Franich Jewellers is a reputable store with many years of experience in jewellery. We asked Jenni if the old “rub it on your teeth” trick was an accurate test? 

“Yes!” says Jenni. “Many customers come in wanting to try the tooth test - not the most hygienic method, so we prefer to explain the source of the pearls and the certifications and process we follow to verify and certify the jewellery we sell to give them the confidence.”

How do I care for Pearls?

What about caring for pearls? Jenni advises not to wear your pearl jewellery while taking a hot bath, a shower or while swimming – especially not in any of New Zealand’s hot pools.  Hot water and sulphur can damage pearls permanently, along with household cleaning products and any silver or gold polishes.



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