The Hottest Colour Combo of 2023

One of the most obvious colour themes that emerged at recent luxury and couture shows, has nothing to do with Barbie, the live-action movie that has seen  pink-hued jewels and fashion to the fore.

The theme that is seen strongly, is a combination of two colours most jewellers know and love: blue and green, a reflection of the recent popularity of classic ocean-sided minimalism.

What’s unique about the 2023 take on these colours is the wide variety of gems jewellers are choosing to create just the right blue and green matchup. Most designers have turned to faceted and cabochon examples of lapis lazuli , aquamarine and sapphires to capture the blue side; tsavorite, tourmaline,  malachite, and emeralds for the green.

Others are using more unusual materials, such as opals, alexandrite, moonstone.

Whether the final piece matches a pastel fresh summery look or incorporates gems with a depth of colour more appropriate for the cooler weather, the agreement is the same: Jewellers are on a blue-green streak that shows no signs of slowing.

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