The Ultimate Diamond Accessory - The Tennis Bracelet.

Sometimes you just become obsessed with something you desire knowing all too well the price tag of the real diamond version is completely out of reach.

The not-at-all humble, but quite delectable, Tennis Bracelet has to be one such item of jewellery.

A popular choice on the tennis court and the golf course, and a must have accessory at the ladies lunch - three-course - of course.

A classic and timeless piece, worn stand-alone, or casually adjacent to your watch.

A tennis bracelet has that je ne sais quois about it that just makes it so desirable - and a price tag that makes it somewhat out of reach for a casual present suggestion to your partner.

Where did the Tennis Bracelet Originate?

The Tennis Bracelet did indeed get its name from something related to Tennis - when Chris Evert Lloyd, an icon of women's tennis, broke hers during a ferocious tennis match in the US Open in 1987. Read more here.

Let's Take a Look at a Range of Tennis Bracelets

There is something in neuroscience that is often employed in sales and marketing called heuristics - when you position a series of items together so that the viewer feels empowered by the decision of choice, armed with all the facts.  

So let's start the process of heuristics at the very top with the drool-worthy 18k white gold Tennis Bracelet featuring 10 carats worth of diamonds. 



The round-cut diamonds are H-I / I-J in colour with a clarity rating of Si


Next up, nicely positioned at the more affordable end of genuine diamond Tennis Bracelet range, we have a bracelet available in 9k white gold or 9k yellow gold complete with 1.5 carats of diamonds.




Is there a more affordable version of the Tennis Bracelet? 


Such diamond beauty's are quite simply out of budget for many, and yet the Tennis Bracelet remains almost as covetable a piece of arm-candy as George Clooney.

This jewellery piece is exactly what the brand Swarovski does so beautifully to recreate and make more affordable for lovers of jewellery.

In fact is is a well-known that celebrities and the uber-wealthy will often keep their genuine expensive jewellery locked away in their safety deposit boxes and wear a replica piece, such as a Swarovski instead. 




Of course a Tennis Bracelet does not have to carry classic white diamonds, the name is more about the style than the stones. So both Swarovski and Thomas Sabo have curated a range of Tennis Bracelets in Pink, Turquoise and even Freshwater Pearls






The tennis bracelet is more than just a piece of jewellery; it is a timeless symbol of elegance, luxury, and sophistication. From its origin story tied to a famous tennis player, to its enduring popularity among celebrities and everyday wearers alike, the tennis bracelet has cemented its place as a classic accessory of significant investment value. Whether adorned with diamonds or other precious gemstones, the sleek design and versatility of the tennis bracelet make it the perfect choice for a special anniversary, a milestone birthday or just a special thank-you.


Note on Diamond Sourcing Through John Franich 

John Franich takes pride in its beautiful range of over 300 natural diamond jewellery pieces we have curated for our customers.

All our diamonds are sourced through a strict ethical trading and certification processes through the premium diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, where every dealer operates under the governance of The Kimberley Process to ensure all diamonds are conflict free. 

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