Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings -  Seriously consider the reality that the ring you choose will be the ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life.

As an independent jeweller our customers are counting on us to help them celebrate the most important day of their life. Dora Rings wants to help exceed our clients’ highest expectations with beautiful wedding bands made to admire, made for comfort and made to last.


In 2022, customisation is not enough. Today’s couples seek rings that are truly their own, made to their exact specifications. Dora Rings excels in crafting exceptional wedding bands that will be worn and loved for a lifetime. Our store offers an array of best-selling bands that couples can use as starting points to create one-of-a-kind symbols of their unique story.

Make real-time changes

Our website for pricing wedding rings makes it easy to help customers get precisely what they want. Every time you change a size, metal, colour, finish, width or other characteristic, the design and its price are updated in real time.

Beautiful, extremely rare and durable, the Tantalum Collection features rings made from this extremely versatile and affordable metal.

Get that lasting glow

A Dora Rings exclusive, Plat600 is a precious metal mixture that offers the beauty and strength of platinum at a lower price point than platinum 950 or 14K gold. Made of 60% platinum, Plat600 is designed for durability. It does not get oxidized, so rhodium plating is unnecessary and the colour lasts forever.

Keep love alive

Sometimes sizing mistakes happen, or people outgrow their ring. In certain circumstances  Dora stockists can make a one-time exchange with no time limit to help customers remain delighted with their ring. (Conditions apply)

Adding value

From a lifetime warranty to complimentary engraving at the time of order, outstanding service is the Dora promise to you.


Dora Ceramic –  new in the showcase..

A bold and bright assortment of artistically inspired rings. Mesmerising colour, strong, hypoallergenic.

Sure, it does take courage to choose ceramic when others are wearing gold and silver. That very rarity makes people who choose ceramic rings trendsetters.



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