Wedding Trends for 2024

Wedding Trends You Can Expect to See in 2024

Each year Pinterest releases a trend report based on the searches and Pinterest board themes they are seeing trend in the past 12-18 months and share this as a way of potentially predicting the trends for the next 12-18 months. With Weddings being one of the top categories for Pinteresters pinning and story-boarding, we took a look at some of these themes and predictions for weddings and selected a range of rings style to suit each one.

Non-Binary or Mutual Weddings

One of the key trends to note of course is the anti-tradition trend, or the trend of bringing equality to the whole process. Who should really do the proposing? And is there a natural tipping of the scale or inequality that creeps in when we stick to the traditional format of Man proposes to would-be-wife? So these days we are seeing many different forms of proposals taking place, where couples decide on equal footing to get married, and therefore engaged. Perhaps there is less of a surprise element, or less waiting and wondering, but either way, what a great way to start your married life together - as pure equals.

The 70's - Disco or Boho - You Choose

According to Pinterest's latest Trends report, we can expect 70s-inspired weddings to be trending this year - yes, think disco décor, flares, baby-blue suits and lots of frills.

Boomers and Millennials are deemed to be the main drivers of this trend, possible with weddings happening a little later in life, or perhaps wedding number two - or three- there is a little less of a serious take on the traditional wedding throes which, let's be honest, have become somewhat formulaic.

Search Trends:
  • Groovy wedding +170%
  • 70s bride +50%
  • Retro wedding theme +80%
Retro Photo Booths (source Pinterest, click image for link) 
Expect to see lots of flares, lace and even miniskirts wedding dresses (source Pinterest, click image for link) 

So what would this mean for jewellery?

Over the past 20-odd years jewellery trends went more chunky and bold and geometrics.  However, overall the trends across Pinterest are reflecting a more dainty trend that live with a hippie, flowers in your hair kind of look. But not so dainty as to be boring! Bold colours and eclectic mixes of colours, tones, settings and shapes will create something unique for each carefree loving bride or groom to be.
Citrine and Amethyst ring

The Princess Bride

Other searches trending for weddings sit on the polar opposite scale between OTT and TMI.  On the over the top side of the scale, we have Fairytale Weddings, Princess Weddings and over-the-top dresses, big hair and bold statements of bows and frills continue as little girls continue into adulthood to fantasise about being the next Barbie or Disney Princess.  The choice for the engagement ring for this is easy - bigger, bolder and more dazzling than Prince Charming paddling his canoe across the lake on a summers day.
Pink Tourmaline Heart Shaped Ring
If pink hearts is a little too Barbie, and you were thinking more Princess of Monaco vibes, then Morganite is such a beautiful stone for a wannabe princess and this cluster ring just belts out your favourite romantic song.
Morganite cluster ring
Morganite & Diamond Cluster Ring

Classic Elegance with Chanel No.5 & Jazz

On the opposite end of the scale - on the too much information side - we have the continued theme of classic, elegant and simple wedding dresses, rings and occasions. Think a fabulous winery, and a long lunch - which would also pair beautifully with the Jazz Revival trend. People in the classic end of style tend to be less overt, more subtle, elegant and less flash. Timeless classics that never date are more their style. Think baguette, princess and cushion cuts for their gemstones set side by side with a simple Art Deco kind of appeal.
Square Diamond Rings

Twinkle Toes and Bows

With bows making a major comeback in fashion - searches for "Bow Outfits" are up 190%. We're sure to see a few little bows, or an oversized one, adding a touch of femininity and some extra details to every wedding gown in 2024.
Nothing says bow, like a 3 stone diamond engagement ring of which John Franich has many to choose from.
3 stone diamond ring
Diamond 3-Stone Ring
Also trending is the idea that weddings are typically quite formulaic, so more and more people are looking for fun ideas, themed sections of the event, or unusual ideas to spice up their weddings and make it extra memorable for guests. Also driven by the high costs of venues and the whole entourage of people, activities and expectations, the trends to get married in unusual places, or out in the open somewhere continue to surprise and delight.

What does all this mean for engagements and proposals?

Well, the engagement story is a big one. Everyone wants a great "how did you meet story" and "how did they propose" which can really set the tone for the wedding to come. If he rode in on a white steed and knelt on one knee, quite possibly the fairytale wedding along with a Princess Di cluster rings would seem to fit the bill.

Sapphire and Diamond Cluster
A Princess Di Style Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring

The "Dirt Flirt"

"Dirt Flirts" are a big trend too - taking your special someone on - no, not the kind of filthy weekend you may have expected in the 90s - but rather a literal dirty weekend - a hike, a bush camp or a 4x4 adventure trip…Anything that takes that much planning, could well be an epic opportunity for a photographic proposal and an interesting story to tell, followed no doubt by an unusual venue for the big day.
So what type of ring would a "Dirt Flirter" choose? If outdoor adventures look to be part of the long term plan, then one would imagine engagement and wedding rings to be a lot simpler and less chunky, lest they get caught on branches or lost in a deep sea dive.  John Franich has a wide range of diamond and gemstone "band" style rings that are perfect for a more active recipient, looking for something they can wear permanently, but that fits snugly and is simple, tasteful and elegant.
diamond wedding band

The Tropical Escape

But if actual dirt is not your thing, maybe beach sand is more like it. Escapism, exotic islands, and cocktails is always on the cards, now more so than ever. If Top Gun 2 did something for nostalgia, then we're definitely headed for Kokomo, Blue Lagoon and The Beach. We're thinking shades of blue here for our engagement rings - Sapphires, Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Topaz, Turquoise and Aquamarine.
blue ring

The Honeymoon is Not Over Yet

Once all the festivities are over, the trend for "Rest Stops" will be de riguer, as bridal couples, exhausted from a god year of Pinteresting, social sharing and talking weddings, will be headed for the outskirts of society to calm, relaxing spaces, complete with spas, sleep therapy and a digital detox to zen-out before heading off into the sunset of their next chapter of their crazy lives.
Pinterest Predicts Image of Rest Stops

Custom Made Rings

John Franich has been designing, making and altering jewellery since the 1960s.

A lot may have changed since then, but the core foundation of the craft remains and many years of experience in working with precious metals and luxury gemstones, means John is your trusted go to jeweller in Auckland.

One of the best new developments is our ability to provide you with a 3D drawing, CAD and render of the piece of jewellery we have discussed together - this applies to both a new piece or a remodelled piece.

This give you a 90% clear visual of what the end result will be.

Bring us your ideas, your sketches, your Pinterest Pins and any bits of broken jewellery and gems and we can create or recreate a beautiful piece just for you!

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wedding proposal image

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